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In the video below you can see our technician has created a brand new approach to getting rid of ice buildup on the refrigerator evaporator coil.  Most repair shops only know to shut the refrigerator off for 24 hours.  Through PAR's innovative process we are able to get our customers up and running in minutes and not days!


This is the picture of a dirty condenser coil for a refrigerator.  The dust prevents the ability for the coil to pull heat from the refrigerator and therefore the refrigerator would not cool efficiently.

Dirty Condesnor Coil

Our innovative approach to cleaning the coil condenser allowed the refrigerator to return to optimal working condition and cool efficiently again.  Without compromising the integrity of the coil by making excessive contact, the technician took a hands-free approach to restoring the coil to like-new condition.

Clean condensor coil